Photo Gallery

Green SERVPRO equipment drying out the framing of laundry room where drywall was removed

Sewage Back Up Benzie County, MI

This homeowner experienced a sewage back up in their lower level  Because this is a category 3 water, they damaged carpet and drywall needed to be removed.  Our crew arrived and immediately got to work drying out the framing.

Fire damage in a living room of a Traverse City, MI home.

Home Fire in Traverse City, MI

This is the aftermath of an electrical fire due to a faulty extension chord.  SERVPRO of Grand Traverse Area arrived on scene to begin the pack out of the homeowners contents to a safe and secure spot.  Once the contents were safe, we began work immediately on restoring the home.  We work hard to make fires "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO desicant trailer

Commercial Fire Damage, Glen Arbor, MI

This resort experienced a devastating fire in the middle of the night.  Due to the extent of the fire the roof was destroyed leaving the buidling exposed to rain fall and the fire department needed to use massive amounts of water to extuingish the fire.  SERVPRO was able to mobilize large equipment to begin the dry out of the structure.

Kitchen fire with ceiling collapsed and insulation everywhere

Kitchen Fire Traverse City, MI

This was the scene after a kitchen fire in Traverse City.  Because of the significant damage the house required a board up to secure the home and we packed out and remove the homeowners contents to our facility to ensure the contents were safe and secure.

SERVPRO vans in front of the Target Store

Flooded Commercial Store

During remodeling of the store, a fire suppression pipe was hit with a forklift causing flooding in front part of store.  We were able to respond immediately in the early morning hours to begin the dry out process.

Plastic containment wrapping a counter to protect merchandise

Containment in Commercial Water Damage Traverse City, MI

This commercial customer had a sprinkler break in the ceiling of their business causing water damage in the show room.  The crew set up plastic containment around the customer's displays cases to protect the merchandise from any damage.  In water damages, we are prepared to dry the structure but also protect customer's personal belongings as well.

Injectidry wood drying system on a wood floor

Wood Floor Drying System

SERVPRO of Grand Traverse Area utilized the Injectidry wood floor drying system to save wood floors that have been affected by water damage.  This system helps restore the floor to and prevents further disruption for our customers lives.  In this photo our customer had a leak in the kitchen sink causing water to spill onto their wood floor.  We were able to save the wood floor and the customer was able to return back normalcy before the water damage occurred.

Smoke damage on wall in garage that is partially cleaned

Garage Fire in Elk Rapids, MI

This homeowner had a garage fire at his home.  When we arrived to the home our crew was unable to determine the original color of the walls.  The right side of the photo shows where the crew cleaned and the left side shows the wall covered with soot.  Our crew cleaned the garage making the fire "Like it never even happened."

Board up in Traverse City, MI

This is an example of damage that can occur during storms.  This home had a large tree branch fall during a storm hitting their window and shattering the window in the middle of the night.  Are crew was dispatched out to the home to secure the home and to clean up the shattered glass. 

Commercial Water Damage in Traverse City, MI

Here is a photo of SERVPRO of Grand Traverse Area responding to a commercial water damage in Traverse City.  The building had the water main break and flooding the entire main floor of the building.  The standing water affected about 5,000 square feet.  With our quick response we were able to restore verses replace!